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Moxa wooden or bamboo boxes for indirect moxa heat treatment
For therapist price, please consult the professional pricelist.

A – With a metallic tray to receive the moxa punk . Sizes: 12,5 x 12,5 x 10 cm height. 14,00 €

B – With 2 metallic trays, one for receiving the moxa punk when using/burning moxa punk for moxibustion purpose, and another one for holding the pur moxa or smokeless moxa in stick.It comes with air adjustment ventilation window (on both sides) to monitor burning speed of the moxa, thus control the heat during moxibustion treatment and provides comfort for the patient. This is STRONG AND RESISTANT MOXA WOODEN BOX. Sizes: 13,5 x 9,5 x 10 cm height. 29,90 €

C – With two openings to insert the stick of moxa with smoke or smoke-free. This bamboo box is resistant, solid and effective. It ensures the patients COMFORT AND SECURITY.
Sizes: 12 x 6,5 x 7,5 cms height. 13,90 €