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Moxa wooden heater Dokuson 21,90 € 17,90 €

If you practice moxibustion upon yourself and find it impossible to reach several points of the body, such as the area between the shoulders, your back, the nape of your neck or the lumbar region…, this special wooden device comes to your aid and reduces pains.
Made in bakelite, the Japanese Moxa Dokuson can be used avec pure moxa with smoke and also without smoke.

Box of 10pcs rure Moxa rolls: 6,10 € 4,60 €
Wooden extinguisher: 4,90 € 3,50 €
Studded rod to use the rest of the moxa stick: 4,00 €
Book in french language ‘ La santé par la Moxibustion’ by Doctor Li sizes 19x24.50cm 183 pages: 18,00 €