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Moxa heater Marikyu 17,10 € 15,10 €
Confort and safety

Practice moxibustion without risks or burns. Thanks to its special instrument, which is made in Bakelite material, it is designed for holding all kinds of moxa rolls for moxibustion, the Marikyu heats the acupuncture points to the required heat without the need to continuously supervise the patient.

Box of 10pcs rure Moxa rolls: 6,10 € 4,60 €
Wooden extinguisher: 4,90 € 3,50 €
Studded rod to use the rest of the moxa stick: 4,00 €
Book in french language ‘ La santé par la Moxibustion’ by Doctor Li sizes 19x24.50cm 183 pages: 18,00 €