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Electric Moxa Device Model GB-3 IR. CE mark. 319 €

This apparatus replaces the use of traditional moxa or artemisiae rolls for moxibusition treatment. Without using of fire for ignition. Safe, effective and easy to use.
Model GB-3 Electric Moxa Device is non-invasive, requires no gel, no electro-stim and may be used through clothing or directly on the skin.
It is effective when deep heating of body tissue is desired.
It works like a moxa roll, it applies heat to strength the Yang, add the Qi, and improve Blood circulation.
Beneficial effects include decreased joint stiffness, increased vasodilation, muscle spasm relief and reduced pain from ligamentous sprains and strains. It works by increasing the local circulation of blood, lymph and the activity of the nervous system:

• Immediate switching on and off.
• No fire is required for ignition.
• No risk of burns with incandescent ashes.
• No more smells or smoke.
• Double insulation box and earth connection to ensure absolute safety.
• Interchangeable head is available separately.
• With stand to hold the heating head in position during moxibusition.

Technical Specifications:
• Optimum skin temperature: 45°C
• Power Source: 220 VAC 50Hz
• Electrical Power: 10W
• Timer: 10 minutes or continuously
• Buzzer: will sound and stop work when the set time is up.
• Main switch: "OFF" to turn off the device. "ON" to turn on the device
• Pilot LED: Green Led flashing during working. Yellow Led flashing during the Heat.
• Fuse: 2A - 125V
• Unit dimension: control box - 155mm Lx 135mm W x 85mm H. Probe - 28mm diameter x 130mm L (Not including head). Heater head - 25mm diameter x 60mm length(Not including stand)
• Unit weight: 510 g
• Tolerances: ±10%