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Acupuncture detector and stimulator Laser Pointer Pulse apparatus
219,00 €

The POINTER PULSE is a detector of acupuncture points portable, accurate and easy to use, incorporating a function of electrical stimulation by actuating a pushbutton (10 Hz) to address immediate NEEDLELESS point detected. In addition an infrared laser may be emitted by the device by activating the laser emission mode. It is possible to choose in this regard for a continuous or laser emission pulse. The pulse frequency is 10 Hz POINTER PULSE is a stimulation device

Laser and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices are used for the symptomatic relief of chronic (long term) intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical traumatic pain problems.
Laser is also used as a substitution of invasive acupuncture treatment. Laser acupuncture means directly irradiating some key body points on the surface of the skin.

Hand held Laser and pulsed T.E.N.S
A combination of output of laser as well as electrical stimulation.
An accurate point locator.
Incorporates an effective push buttom stimulation feature + Laser stimulation.
Use for the immediate treatment of the point or area following its detection.

Modern Spring Type Probe Tip
Sensivity Adjustment
Immediate Point Location and Treatment
T.E.N.S Stimulation and or
Laser stimulation continous or
10Hz pulsed laser stimulation

Painless and without sensation of numbess
Harmless, no tissue damage
Complete sterility

For electric stimulation
Output current: 2-45 mA r.m.s
Pulse Rate: 10Hz (fixed) + or - 20%
Pulse Width: 260 µS+ or -20%

For laser stimulation
Laser wavelength 650nm
Maximum power output:< 5mW + or - 20%
Continuous laser output
10Hz pulsed laser output

Power Source: 9V alkaline battery
Unit Dimensions:210 x 45-85 x 24mm
Unit Weigth: 100gr (unit only)