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Mini laser Pointer 88 apparatus
Mini laser for acupuncture and auriculotherapy. 199,00 €

A Modern Breakthrough of Laser Therapy
Scientists have found that Wavelength 650 nm, output < 5mW (weak power) laser illumination when applied to red blood cells (RBC) produces internal energy, creating effective bio-photo electric power. This disperses the adhered RBC, charging the surface ionization, increasing the repellency and maintaining motivation. This also helps clean cell toxins in the blood.
Applications and features:

Applications and Features: • Direct illumination of blood vessel via nasal cavity - a rich network of capillary blood vessels along the membrane improving blood circulation, metabolism and immunity • Auricular acupuncture point stimulation, replacing needles. • Body acupuncture point stimulation and illumination, replacing needles, and enhancing effects.

Advantages: • Efficient, easy to operate • No adverse or side effect • Hygienic with no cross infection • Painless and safe

Helps Vitality: • Create energy • Clean toxins • Increase RBC ionic repellency • Reduce high cholesterol • Reduce RBC adhesion • Improve blood circulation and metabolism

Helps Prevent: • Strokes • Coronary heart disease • Hypertension • Arteriosclerosis

Complete set includes: MF-88 Laser unit, protective cap, probe, disperse lens cap, disposable probe cover, nose clip, probe stand, adhesive tape, built-in rechargeable battery, 9V DC adaptor, leather carrying case, nylon packaging bag and instruction manual.