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Physical rehabilitation Balls
In polyurethane, pleasant to the touch. 11,90 € pack of 2 pieces

Rehabilitation of the hand and forearm. For targeted muscle building

Hand and fingers: Stretching and relaxation
Stretching hand and fingers, move the ball around with small circular movements. These movements should be executed with the whole arm. Hand and forearm should be held on single straight line.

Fingers: Exercising and building the muscles
Pinch the ball between two fingers and roll it around. The hand should be held on a straight line extending from the forearm.

Fingers: Building and coordinating the muscles
Using the thumb, press the ball against the other fingers and then release the pressure. Execute this movement smoothly and gently.

Hand, fingers and forearm: Strengthening the muscles
Take the ball in the palm of the hand and knead it with all the fingers. The hand should be held at all times on a straight line extending through the forearm and wrist.

Pack of two balls (one round and one oval)