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Lota plaster container. SinuPot 13,90 €

The SinuPot – all natural nasal wash that is used for fast and effective relief of nasal congestion, colds, dry nose, sinusitis, allergies and other sinus-related issues.
Our SinuPot is specially designed by us and has the following special features:
– Easy to hold ergonomically designed handle accommodates all hand sizes.
– Tapered spout comfortably fits any size nostril.
– Transparent design allows for accurate measurement of saline solution. Fast & Effective sinus Relief : Nasal congestion, colds, dry nose, sinusitis, allergies, post nasal drip, rhinitis of pregnancy.
Each set contains : 1 SinuPot, 1 stir spoon, 1 small plastic bottle of salt. All packed in a color paper box.