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Body massager rollers

1 – This roller, known as a dermatological roller, is made entirely of stainless steel 16.50 cm long. It has a needle head 3 cm wide and 3 cm in diameter . It has a powerful effect on the nervous system, relaxing muscles and relieving pain. By massaging an acupuncture zone or point, or by following the meridian, it is effective for joint and rheumatic disorders. 24,90€
2 – Massage roller in stainless steel 11.50cm long multi functions. Increases mobility of the extremities, soothes pain in the finger and hands. Relive fatigue : using this roller on the scalp promotes the blood circulation and relaxes tense areas at the nape and neck. Removes muscle tension and reduces pain14,90 €
3 – Anti-cellulitis massage roller with two buffalo horn balls for use on tummy and thighs 41€
7 bis – Multi-functions massager roller with two sides, one side with roller for relax body massage and another side with SPRING PROBE for ear or foot or hand reflexive points massage. 16,70€