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Moxa - sticky mini moxa

Mini moxa with sticky side, which adheres to the acu point and will hold in any desired position for indirect moxibustion. The warming moxa heat builds slowly to a momentary acute yet tolerable state and then recedes gradually. The fire never touches the skin. The long moxa cylinder allows gradual penetration of the effective moxa ingredients into pores of the vital points.
A – Mini-Moxa. Chinese. Box of 200 pieces 19,90 €
B – CHOSEI-KYU Japanese sticky mini moxa with pure moxa. Box of 100 pieces 19,00 €
D – Sticky Chinese smokeless mini moxa. Box of 200 pieces 17,00 €
E – Perfumed sticky Mini-moxa. It produces a light and pleasant smell. Box of 200 pieces 16,00 €
For therapist price please consult the professional price list

Self adhesive protective rings for sticky mini moxa
4,90€ the pack of 100 pieces

Self adhesive rings to insert between the skin and the mini moxa for reducing the sensation of heat. It is possible to use one or two rings in accordance with the sensibility of the skin. Diameter 12 mm. In packet of 100 pieces.