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Moxa – smokeless moxa rolls

A – New smokeless Moxa rolls with 3,5 mm diameter hollow center makes these easier to light and burn with less smoke and odor. These rigid compressed rolls are 11,25 cm x 1,50 cm diameter and contain a proprietary combination of moxa and herbs. A lighter or a candle is recommended for igniting. Box of 5 rolls. 5,95 €
B – Relatively smokeless and odor free, easy to use moxa stick. Uniform and slow burning, non-reactive to the skin. The smokeless moxa rolls have been developed by combining the technology
of modern science with the foundations and history for making the traditional Chinese moxa roll. The main composition is moxa leaf with additional herbs such as rhizome sueu radix notopergyi and asatum heterotroppoides. Box of 5 rolls in sizes 11 cm x 1,50 cm. 5,95 €
C – Japanese astray and extinguisher made in bronze 29,00 €
D – Wooden extinghisher 4,90 €
E – Stainless extinghisher 7,90 €
Therapist price, please consult the professional pricelist

Moxa starter deluxe 9,90 €
The 10 cm x 5.5 cm. Moxa Starter Deluxe, runs on butane gas and quickly and safely lights moxa sticks.
It lights smokeless moxa sticks that typically take longer to light than standard moxa sticks, in a matter of seconds.
Matches and other traditional lighters are not required.
To ignite the Moxa Starter Deluxe, you simply need to push a button and it can be refilled with butane gas. It is equipped with a clear chamber allowing the butane gas level to be easily monitored.