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Moxa smokeless for Rolling Tiger Warmer and Tiger Warmer
8,90 € a box of 30 pcs
For therapist price, please consult the professional pricelist.

They are in stick of lenght 12 cm and diameter 0,4 cm and made of combination of mugwort, worwood; It produces a very light smoke and pleasant odour. Box of 30 pieces.

Rolling tiger warmer 21,90 €

Combines massage and moxibustion. L 14,5 cm.
1 – Ignite one rnoxa stick.
2 – Put the moxa stick into the spring tube of the Rolling Tiger Warmer.
3 – When the moxa stick has been completely inserted into the tube, press the spring to allow the moxa stick to slide down. Repeat as necessary.
4 – The moxa stick is in the middle level of the rolling drum.
5 – The rolling drum becomes warm and hot Roll it over the treatment area for moxibustioni purpose.
6 – After treatment, simply press the spring tube again and turn it up side down, the moxa stick will fall out of the tube.
7 – Take out the moxa stick from the Rolling Tiger Warmer for ash removal if necessary, or extinguish the moxa stick and keep it for next treatment.

Tiger warmer in stainless steel 17,90 €

An effective 1 cm of diameter x 11 cm long point heating device warms and massages small areas or acupuncture points on the hand, feet and body. A burning moxa or incense stick warms the Tiger Warmer from inside. It is then applied to the acu point or area to be treated. A spring mechanism regulates the amount of heat. Stainless steel like, chrome plated brass burns Tiger Warmer Moxa.
Size : 11,5 cm x 10 mm of diameter.