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Chart in french language "Planche Jeunesse et santé du visage" 13,60 €

The “Jeunesse et Santé du visage” chart was conceived to enable you to take care of your face by yourself. It shows you the areas to be massaged and explain you the instructions for a correct and efficient massage. Acupuncture points are mentioned with their pathological indications. Using simple but precise gestures, the reflexive zones massage stimulates blood circulation and improves facial muscle tone and the suppleness of the skin, reducing fine lines and crow’s feet. The study of the reflex areas enables treatment of the correlated organs. Book an appointment with BEAUTY AND HEALTH with this chart.
Laminated and coloured chart.
Sizes: 43x70cm.

This chart also exist in reduced dimensions (29,7x42cm), printed in recto-back and laminated. 7,90 €