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Magnetic wrist bandage
With 2 removable magnetic pads high capacity 2 500 Gauss 22,90 €

Arthritis and excessive effort (when gardening, doing DIY or even computer keyboard work) can be a cause of high levels of pain in the wrist and hand, making certain movements difficult.
This magnetised bandage, essentially intended for binding the wrist, is composed of two removable magnets offering a high magnetic strength of 2,500 gauss each. It helps relieve pain, relax muscles and restore normal ease of use to the hand.
Characteristics: - Colour: black - Velcro closure - 2 removable high-strength 2,500 gauss magnets each.
Precautions: The wearing of this magnetic wrist bandage is contraindicated for pregnant women and wearers of pacemakers and metal prostheses.