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Magnetic belt support
With 16 magnets at 1100 gauss
38 €

Relieves back pain.
Improves circulation.
Relieves menstrual pain.
Supports back.
The magnetic belt is manufactured in a comfortable, supple stretch fabric with a Velcro closure. The magnets, 16 in number, are positioned in a North-South polar sequence and each has strength of 1,100 gauss.
The magnetic support may be worn for seven consecutive days, followed by stop of three days.
If pain persists, it is recommended that the treatment should be repeated.
COMPOSITION: 25% stretch nylon, 75% closed-cell neoprene and 16 x 1,100 gauss magnets in anisotropic configuration.
Precautions: The wearing of this belt is contraindicated for pregnant women and wearers of pacemakers and metal prostheses.
Characteristics: - Colour: black - Velcro closure - Dimensions: length 112 x 13 cm - 16 x 1,100 gauss magnets.