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Magnetic anti-wrinkle mask. 2 500 Gauss 69,00 €

This flexible mask moulds to the contours of the face and contains 22 plastic-coated magnets each with strength of 2,500 gauss. It stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tissues and muscles, thereby reducing wrinkles and enhancing facial beauty.
Worn around thirty minutes each day, the MAGNETIC ANTI-WRINKLE MASK makes clever use of magnetism to help restore to the face its glow and suppleness, combating the effects of passing time.
Characteristics: - Lycra-covered thermoformed foam - 22 plastic-coated magnets, each with a magnetic strength of 2,500 gauss - Adjustable elastic strap.
Precautions: The wearing of this magnetic mask is contraindicated for pregnant women and wearers of pacemakers and metal prostheses.