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Instruments for Auriculotherapy
Auricular massager probe
Stylomass Teishin
Dual probe
A. In stainless steel. Soft pressure. 11 cm. 11,00 €
Made of brass,chrome plated probe for locating and treating ear and body points. 10 cm. 11,50 €
Detection and treatment of the ear points and acu-points. 14,6 cm. 12 €
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Spring modulator with magnet
For treating or locating trigger points, acu-points, or ear points. 17 €
Auricular magnetic massager
Provides compression and magnetic effect on acupoints. 9 cm x 1,1 cm. 21 € 15,90 €
Useful and very popular in the Koryo Hand treatment. Length 11 cm. 14,90 €
Stylomass duo
Is very useful in the treatment of Koryo Hand Therapy. Length 16 cm. 16,90 €
Magnetic spring Stylomass
Ear probe with double spring heads
Ear probe 17 cm long essential in the detection of the auricular points..18,90 €
Ear probe with 2 heads
Stainless steel probe at 16.50 cm long is necessary in the treatment of the auricular points. 9,90 €