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Instruments for Hand acupuncture
Anti-arthrosis rings
Anti stress ring
Regular use of an anti-stress ring will develop concentration.
Each 4,90 €
Easy, quiet and comfortable massage around the fingers and toes.
The box of 3 pcs 6.90€ 2.90€
Massage rolls "Ridoki"
Ridoki C
13,60 €
Ridoki C bis
18,90 €
Precision for reflexive zones massager “Tigeoki“
Length: 10,5 cm.
13,60 € 9,50 €
Professional reference, please contact us
Useful and very popular in the Koryo Hand treatment. Length 11 cm. 14,90 €
Stylomass duo
Is very useful in the treatment of Koryo Hand Therapy. Length 16 cm. 16,90 €
Magnetic spring Stylomass