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Instruments for Magnetotherapy
Magnetic plastic cups with pump
Magnetic roller "Ridoki"
Cupping set with 12 plastic magnetic cups
Entirely in metal and fitted with a rounded magnetic head. 39 €
Box of 12 magnetic cups. Each cup has a magnetic spike collar.
65 €
Box of 4 different sizes of plastic cups. With pistol grip hand pump. 25 € 17 €
Massage instrument magnetic "Tigeoki"
In wood equipped with a rounded 3,000 gauss magnetic head. 13,90 €
Auricular magnetic massager
Provides compression and magnetic effect on acupoints. 9 cm x 1,1 cm. 21 € 15,90 €
Professional reference, please contact us
Magnetic body massager “Toupiko“
It rolls, it massages, it digs in and tones up your body.
6,90 €
Magnetic anti-wrinkle mask
With 22 plastic-coated magnets each with strength of 2,500 gauss. 69 €
Spring modulator with magnet
For treating or locating trigger points, acu-points, or ear points. 17 €
Is very useful in the treatment of Koryo Hand Therapy. Length 16 cm. 16,90 €
Magnetic spring Stylomass
Magnetic foot massager roller in wood “Footoki“
Reflex-magnetic foot massage roller
29 €