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Electric apparatus for Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy
Detector and stimulator model AWQ-104E
Multi-purpose electronic acupunctoscope. 169 €
Detector and stimulator model AWQ-105 Pro
Detector with stimulation Pointer Plus
Detector Point-Mate apparatus
Mini Laser Pointer
Detector with stimulation Pointer Plus Excel
Detector Pointer Pal Apparatus
Mini Laser "Pointer 88" apparatus
For electric and laser stimulation. 219 €
Portable detection and stimulation without needles.
159 € 139 €
The Pointer Pal is an accurate and easy to operate hand held acupuncture or trigger point locator. 69 €
A Modern Breakthrough of Laser Therapy
199 €
The AWQ-105 Pro is the newest electro-therapy unit in the AWQ line. 249 €
It is an accurate and easy to operate hand held acupuncture and trigger point locator
119€ 99€
This is a small pocket size unit to operate the acupuncture, trigger or auricular point locator.
45 €
It is the one of the best portable infrared laser available in the market.
59 €
TDP heat lamp therapy IR-CQ-29
Electric Moxa Device Model GB-3 IR
This apparatus replaces the use of traditional moxa or artemisiae rolls for moxibusition treatment.
319 €
This is a new type of device for therapeutic and health maintenance.
229 €
Detector and stimulator Laser Pointer Pulse
This apparatus replaces with obvious advantages, artemisiae rolls.
359 €
Moxel electric heater apparatus
Stimule les points d'acupuncture et les zones réflexes
59 €
Apparatus for detecting and stimulating the acupuncture and auricular points.
665 €
Detector with stimulation Premio 20 DT
Detector and stimulator model AWQ-104L
Digital Multi-purpose electronic acupunctoscope. 199 €